Check this page for some of the greatest single plays in DAWG history, narrated by Larry Munson, Scott Howard, and Ed Thilenius. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for Every Herschel Touchdown 1980!

Auburn 1959 DAWGS’ SEC Championship hopes dangled by a thread as Fran Tarkenton faced 4th down in Sanford. Ed Thilenius on the call.

Alabama 1965 The flea-flicker! Thilenius: “One of the oldest plays in football…” DAWGS stun the defending National Champions in Sanford.

Auburn 1966 Kirby Moore to Hardy King–in the mud at Auburn–sets the stage for Vince Dooley’s first SEC Championship. Larry Munson’s first season was one of Georgia’s best.

Florida 1975 Appleby-to-Washington. Munson: “The girders are bending now!” DAWGS’ only TD of the day had been set up all game long by consistent gains on the end-around.

Florida 1978 Gators’ memories are short! Three years later, DAWGS trick Florida again. One of the great plays in a wild, wild season.

Tennessee 1980 DAWGS’ comeback in Herschel’s first game got kick-started by this play. Munson: “We landed on it on our chest! We landed on it with our heads…!”

Tennessee 1980 Herschel’s first touches as a DAWG

Tennessee 1980 Herschel’s first TD. Munson: “My God, he’s running over people!”

Texas A&M 1980 First time Munson ever put the words “there goes Herschel” together! Walker’s long run caps a stunning win over Aggies at Sanford.

Clemson 1980 Scott Woerner’s punt return got the DAWGS going in this titanic battle at Sanford

Clemson 1980 Tigers are moving up and down Sanford Stadium until Woerner steps up again. Munson: “Do you realize we’ve hardly seen the ball?”

Clemson 1980 Jeff Hipp’s late interception stopped Clemson in the shadow of the DAWG goalposts

Clemson 1980 Herschel seals the DAWGS’ tough victory with his longest run of the day.

Vandy 1980 Herschel sets the all-time DAWG record, which still stands, for rushing yards in one game: 23 carries, 283 yards. Here are his 3 long TD runs against the outmanned ‘Dores.

Kentucky 1980 Two of the top half-dozen longest pass plays in DAWG history were thrown by Buck Belue in 1980: this one to Amp Arnold, and I bet you can guess the other one.

South Carolina 1980 Dawgs had a tough opponent the week before the Florida game. Rex Robinson had missed a short FG earlier, but made up for that with this 57-yarder.

South Carolina 1980 Incredible long run by Herschel, who pulled away from Gamecock defenders who had the angle on him.

South Carolina 1980 Heisman-Trophy winner George Rogers dueled Herschel all afternoon; DAWGS hold a slim lead but Carolina is driving, late in the game.

Florida 1980 Gators, meet Herschel Walker! Munson: “Lindsay Scott threw one of the blocks, Womack threw one…”

Florida 1980 Belue-to-Scott The greatest single play in DAWG history! “92 yards and Lindsay really got in a footrace!” The longest play from scrimmage in DAWG history, up to this point, with the undefeated season, SEC Championship, National Championship hanging by a thread. Presented in real time.

Florida 1980 The game was far from over after Belue-to-Scott; DAWGS had been penalized for celebration after the TD, and Florida had good field position with a potent passing game. Munson: “Georgia has struck suddenly, 26 to 21. Was it a strike for history?”

Auburn 1980 Last week, Mike Fisher from Jacksonville Fla had made a big play; this week, it’s an Alabama player’s turn, as Greg Bell gets the DAWGS fired up.

Auburn 1980 1st-half clock is running out on the DAWGS, but they’re on the 2-yard line. Munson: “…he’s gonna get a play off….”

Auburn 1980 Dawgs are driving, getting late in the 3rd quarter. Munson: “Herschel turned around and Buck Belue threw a great, great block…”

Auburn 1980 Last few seconds of the DAWGS’ historic 1980 SEC-clinching game on the Plains.

Tech 1980 Herschel had been pounding Tech all day, but hadn’t yet broken a long TD run. Munson: “He has just broken the all-time record for a freshman back!”

Tech 1980 Last few seconds of Georgia’s only unbeaten, untied regular season since 1946. Munson: “It may be many a moon before you see it again.” Next stop: Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day against mighty Notre Dame.

Notre Dame 1980 Notre Dame got out to the early lead, but DAWG championship teams have always been good at blocking kicks. 1980 was no exception.

Notre Dame 1980 DAWG championship teams have also had great placekickers! Rex Robinson ties the game, then kicks off into the Twilight Zone. Lou Boda: “There’s a mixup, as the ball bounces free…”

Notre Dame 1980 Scott Woerner’s third pick of the day in the Superdome, and DAWGS begin the celebration. National Championship! Georgia’s only one in at least 74 years.

Every Herschel Touchdown 1980 From “Oh, you Herschel Walker!” to “Herschel Walker having a feast so far in the first half against Notre Dame,” every single TD scored by the greatest running back in DAWG history, in his first season.

Every Herschel Touchdown 1981 The Goal-Line Stalker scored 20 touchdowns in 1981. From Tennessee to Tech, here they all are.

Clemson 1982 punt block Dawgs’ only TD against the defending National Champions on Opening Night, 1982

Much more coming soon!

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