Latter-Day Larry & Scott

LSU 10/2/04 Tigers came into Sanford fully expecting a repeat of last year’s SECC game. DAWGS put a whuppin’ on Little Nicky; led by Danny Ware (22 carries, 109 yds) and David Greene (5 TD passes to 3 different receivers), we built a 24-0 first-half lead and never looked back.

Florida 10/27/07 Knowshon Moreno: 33 carries, 188 yds. Matthew Stafford: 11-18, 217 yds, 3 TD’s. Giant on-the-field celebration after the first TD! Dawgs go 10-13 on 3rd downs and sack Tim Tebow 6 times. Eric Zeier: “We came in here looking for a fight.” Scott Howard: “50! 40! So long everybody!”

Oklahoma 1/1/18 Sony Michel and Nick Chubb combined for 25 carries, 326 yards, 5 TD’s; Jake Fromm went 20-29 for 210 yards and 2 TD’s. DAWG defense allowed only 1 Oklahoma TD in the 2nd half and blocked a FG in OT. One of the greatest DAWG wins of all time, against one of the greatest offensive teams in history.
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