Game of the Week

As long as we have college football in 2020, this page will be updated each week with a corresponding GOTW.

Alabama 1965 Might as well start Alabama Week at the beginning! Before Munson, Ed Thilineus was the DAWGS’ play-by-play broadcaster. In 1965, the improving DAWGS faced a tough opening-game opponent. The Crimson Tide had won the Natty in 1964 and would do so again in 1965, but the DAWGS waited in Athens with a classic trick play that produced one of the great upsets in SEC history.

Alabama 1976 Junkyard DAWG defense was really good in 1976, and never more inspired than in this game. Even before Sanford Stadium was enclosed around the end zones, the place could still get loud, and probably never louder than this game. DAWGS were on the verge of an SEC Championship that had eluded them for 8 seasons, Alabama was favored, but this was one of the most dominant victories ever.

Alabama 2002 You think the DAWGS were man enough? Musa Smith ran for 126 yards on 21 carries, David Green went 15/27/224, and Itty Bitty Billy Bennett (that other Bennett) came thru in the last minute of a signature DAWG win in Tuscaloosa. For the in-depth highlights of this game, see Highlights By Season/2002; for the complete final FG drive, see Drives.
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