Game of the Week

Watch this page during the offseason for periodic updates of classic DAWGS games from this week in history!

Kentucky 1978 “Some of ’em are upside down, but they’re trying to stand!” Epic Munson call of a huge DAWG comback in the Year of the Wonderdog.

Kentucky 1984 DAWGS go after the Cats in Lexington with a surprising show of offense.

Kentucky 2002 Much like this year, undefeated DAWGS face a quality Kentucky team in the game before the Florida game. Munson says we did pretty well, “‘specially for a bunch of guys out of the hospital.” DAWGS laid a huge bunch of offense on the Cats: Terrence Edwards had 5 catches for 127 yards and 3 TDs; Ben Watson 7 catches for 77 yards and 1 TD; Damien Gary 2 TD’s and 62 yards.

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