Game of the Week

As long as we have college football in 2020, this page will be updated each week with corresponding GOTW’s.

South Carolina 1980 It’s November 1st, 1980, the week before the Florida game. Do DAWGS take the week off? Do they schedule a patsy for this week? NO! #14 South Carolina, featuring Heisman-Trophy winning RB George Rogers, comes to Sanford and plays the DAWGS off their paws. DAWGS miss chances early, but get ahead on a Rex Robinson career-long FG and an incredible Herschel run. ‘Cocks keep handing the ball to Rogers and keep coming back. Finally, with SC driving to take the lead, ‘Cocks hand off to Rogers one time too many. Munson, at the very end of the game: “he’s come up with the ball! He’s carrying it to the sideline, he wants to keep the football!”

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