The greatest offensive drives–and defensive stands–in DAWG history. Listen to Larry Munson, Scott Howard, Ed Thilenius describe these sets of plays that led to UGA wins.

Auburn 1959 With 2:20 left, DAWGS have the ball on Auburn’s 35 yardline. SEC Championship on the line. Ed Thilenius: “The air raid is on!”

Auburn 1968 In the second of Dooley’s SEC Championships, both won at Auburn, Mike Cavan and the DAWGS offense took over at their own 47 yardline with 6 minutes left in the first half.

Tech 1971 Thanksgiving night, while everyone’s digesting too much turkey and recovering from a wild Oklahoma-Nebraska afternoon game, Tech was giving the DAWGS fits on Grant Field. Last gasp for the DAWGS, who have the ball on their own 35, trailing 24-21, with 1:23 left in the game.

Tennessee 1973 DAWGS played the favored Vols off their feet all day in Knoxville. Munson: “Stadium rocking–stadium can’t believe it…” after Tennessee’s 4th-down play from their own 28 yardline with 2:37 left in a 31-28 game.

Alabama 1976 Time’s running out in the first half & the DAWGS have the ball on Bama’s 46 yardline. Matt Robinson’s the passing QB, not the running QB; at least that’s what Alabama & The Bear thought. Sanford Stadium was absolutely electric this day.

Kentucky 1976 With a “17-7 cold lead up here in Lexington,” DAWGS go to work inside their own 1-yd line.

Florida 1976 Gators, with a fat 14-point lead, line up 4th down on their own 29 1/2 yard line. Munson: “They are not acting like they’re gonna kick!” Turning point in a big DAWG comeback.

Tech 1976 Sugar Bowl-bound DAWGS get in a trench war on a rainy, then foggy day in Athens. After an exchange of fumbles in a 10-10 tie game, DAWGS get the ball on Tech’s 34 yardline, with 3:04 to go. They’ve got to get closer than usual for any realistic change at a Leavitt GW FG, but footing is treacherous and it’s tough to throw a wet football when vision is limited by the fog.

Kentucky 1978 DAWGS had lost to KY 33-0 in 1977; they get behind 16-0 in this game before the comeback starts. Late in the 4th quarter, the drive begins on our own 25 yardline. Munson: “Stadium standing!–well, some of ’em are upside down, but they’re trying to stand.”

Auburn 1978 One of the greatest few minutes of Munson that you’ve probably never heard. The 1978 Wonderdogs came into the Plains in a fight with Alabama for the SEC Championship, in a season filled with titanic battles away from Sanford. Led by Joe Cribbs and William Andrews, Auburn fought Georgia to a 22-22 tie and drove to UGA’s 32 yardline in the final seconds. Munson (“My God!–we’re on the road!”) describes the rest of this brutal, grim game here.

Tech 1978 “Fourth down! What a year.” DAWGS fell way behind, took the lead on a TD punt return, fell behind again on the next play, a Tech kickoff return for a TD. 84-yard 4th-quarter drive, 2 4th-down conversions, one of the all-time great drives against Tech.

Tennessee 1980 Herschel’s first recorded touches. Herschel didn’t start the game, but Dooley brought him in during the 2nd quarter with the DAWGS in their own territory and already trailing in the ballgame. Munson: “He’s doing some things he did not do in high school, men.”

Tennessee 1980 Herschel’s first TD, the famous Bill Bates play!

Tennessee 1980 The winning drive. DAWGS had trailed the whole game–a tough game all night, marred by mistakes and penalties–but finally got ahead, but with a lot of time still left on the clock. Munson: “We’re gonna rest Womack but we’re not gonna rest Whats-his-name.”

Tennessee 1980 The winning defensive stands. DAWGS stopped Tennessee once, but had to stop them again. A foreshadowing of the more famous Auburn defensive stand a couple of years later. Munson: “What kind of a year is this gonna be?”

South Carolina 1980 DAWGS still holding their 3-point lead, late in the 4th quarter. Carolina had not allowed a 4th-quarter score all season. Munson: “Do you realize next week is bigger than this one? Oh yes it is, it’s much much much much bigger.” “Jeff Hipp, out of Columbia, South Carolina” begins a weekly tradition: a DAWG player makes a huge play against a team from his home state.

Florida 1980 3 plays, 92 yards, TD. Larry Munson describes exactly how bleak the situation was for the DAWGS with 1:35 left in the game and the ball on our own 8-yardline. Suddenly, history was made! Presented in real time, just the way you’d have heard it if you were listening to the Georgia Football Network on November 8, 1980.

Auburn 1980 DAWGS, who had scored with no time left in the first half, line up on the Auburn 45 for the 2nd-half kickoff.

Tech 1980 Didn’t take the DAWGS long to answer Tech’s score.

Notre Dame 1980 Dawgs, already with a touchdown lead, are putting the heat on the Irish. lou Boda: “It’s getting a little tough down there, as Notre Dame is getting frustrated.”

Auburn 1982 With Bo Jackson and Lionel James leading the way for Auburn, the WarTiglePlainsmen came steadily down the field, as the fourth quarter wound down. After Herschel Walker scored, DAWGS fought desperately to keep their undefeated regular season and National Championship hopes alive. Listen in real time to everything that led up to “sugar falling from the sky!”

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