Arkansas 9/29/01 DAWGS’ first game after 9/11. At Sanford, David Greene completed 20 passes for 298 yards and 2 TD’s; Musa Smith ran for 95 yards as the DAWGS finally pulled away from Arky.

Tennessee 10/6/01 The Hobnail Boot game! David Greene: 303 yds, 2 TD’s. Coming into the game, neither Verron Haynes nor Fred Gibson had caught a pass all year. Tennessee’s home record, in the past 10 years, had been 51-4. One of the great wins in DAWG history.

Vandy 10/13/01 David Greene 305 yds, 2 TD’s; Musa Smith 69 yds, only 9 carries, 2 TD’s in Nashville.

Ole Miss 11/17/01 Verron Haynes moves to tailback for the injured Musa Smith and rushes for 192 yards; safety Jermaine Phillips runs an INT back for a TD in a big win at Oxford

Tech 11/24/01 Billy Bennett kicks 6 FG’s, Verron Haynes runs for 207 yds and 1 TD against a tough Tech defense in Atlanta
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