Tennessee 9/3/88 Munson couldn’t see the storm clouds and lightning coming up behind the press box, but I sure could see it from the East end zone! Also saw one of the better Tennessee-Georgia games! Rodney Hampton scored twice and the storm held off until the 4th quarter.

TCU 9/10/88 Artis Toothis and Tonsillitis Johnson didn’t suit up for the purple this day, so the DAWGS’ offense took over

Mississippi State 9/17/88 DAWG and Dog fight was finally pulled out by Georgia as a furious 4th-quarter comeback was thwarted…Loran got anxious on the visitors’ sideline

Mississippi 10/1/88 DAWGS are the champions of Mississippi as Tim Worley rushed for 2 TD’s, threw for another in Sanford

Vandy 10/8/88 Tim Worley: 24 carries, 161 yards. Keith Henderson: 6 carries, 73 yards. Freshman Larry Ware: 4 carries, 42 yards. DAWGS’ running game was strong, all through the ’80s.

William & Mary 10/29/88 Hampton/Worley: 233 yards rushing, 3TD’s. Wayne Johnson and Greg Talley: 254 yards passing. DAWGS tune up for the Cocktail Party.

Florida 11/5/88 Gators came into the game allowing only 108 yards rushing/game; DAWGS get twice that, and the defense stones Emmitt Smith on the way to a dominant win in Jax.

Michigan State 1/1/89 DAWGS outgun Andre Rison in the Gator Bowl; Keith Henderson, Tim Worley, and Vince Dooley celebrate Dooley’s last game as head coach.
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