Southern Miss 9/8/84 DAWGS struggle, but finally put away stubborn Eagles. Munson: ‘Yes, Phil, and everything seems so new.”

Clemson 9/22/84 DAWGS kept coming back, and coming back, against powerful Tigers. Phil Schafer: “He made it, and he made it with plenty to spare!”

South Carolina 9/29/84 Munson: “Boy, you think this ain’t been a funny game….”

Alabama 10/6/84 Wins in Tuscaloosa are rare, but sweet! Loran Smith: “They really are pulling for the offense to…take charge of this ball game now.”

Ole Miss 10/13/84 DAWGS celebrate the return to Sanford

Vandy 10/20/84 DAWGS’ offense breaks out against ‘Dores; Kevin Butler sets a record at home

Kentucky 10/27/84 Another big offensive show in Lexington

Memphis 11/3/84 Much tougher than expected Tigers come to Sanford

Florida 11/10/84 For hard-core masochists only; only shutout loss to Gators since 1957

Auburn 11/17/84 First DAWG game I ever remember recording on video; I could’ve saved myself the trouble.

Tech 12/1/84 DUI-berry leads his Jackets in a romp at Sanford

Florida State 12/22 Dawgs fight back in the Citrus Bowl. Munson: “Butler went for a 64-yarder with 5 seconds to go…” Munson’s sidekick for this game is a guy named Gary?
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