UCLA 9/3/83 Mark Harmon brings the UCLA Bruins east, for the first meeting between since these teams since the Rose Bowl, 40 years earlier. Munson: “…it’s almost time to go to church!”

Clemson 9/17/83 Hot day in Death Valley! “They swap monumental misses as the game ends.”

South Carolina 9/24/83 Dawg offense gets in gear.

Mississippi St 10/1/83 Dawgs begin their conquest of the State of Mississippi

Ole Miss 10/8/83 Dawgs whup up on Rebels on a “hot and warm” day.

Vandy 10/15/83 One of the better Vandy teams fights to the end. “Dogs by less–and I mean less–than the skin of their teeth…”

Kentucky 10/22/83 Dawgs take care of Cats, bigtime.

Temple 10/29/83 Always good luck to play Temple the week before going to Jax.

Florida 11/5/83 One of the great unsung GA-Fla games: “Six times, Florida came down!”

Auburn 11/12 Dawgs barely lose–in a classic–to an Auburn team that should’ve won the National Championship.

Tech 11/26/84 Tony Flack bails the DAWGS out late with a big INT at Grant Field.

Texas 1/2/84 Cotton Bowl What time is it in Texas? John Lastinger with a terrific play, late in the game.
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