Tennessee Knoxville, of course, is where the Herschel legend began; this is the first of the “whole-game” highlights, featuring our big plays as well as theirs! Listening to the entire clip gives you a great idea of the flavor of the game. Vintage Munson, as he watches Herschel play for the first time.

Texas A&M Welcome to Sanford Stadium, Herschel!

Clemson Dawgs had a pretty good bend-but-don’t break defense in 1980! This was a tough win against a good Clemson team.

TCU Dawgs go 2-for-Texas

Ole Miss tuff game in Sanford

Vandy Herschel runs over some ‘Dores

Kentucky Dawg-and-Cat fight

South Carolina Herschel vs George Rogers

Florida “Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott!” Of course, but a whole lot more than that. “Georgia has struck suddenly!…was it a strike for history?” Greg Bell, Mike Fisher–ever heard of them?–made two key plays at the very end of the game.

Auburn The Plains, a tuff place to come back down to earth. “Buck Belue blocks!” Munson at his alliterative best.

Tech Herschel set some kind of record in this game, and DAWGS cap an undefeated regular season.

Notre Dame Munson didn’t get to call this game; I think Lou Boda was the Notre Dame broadcaster. One of the great games of all time for UGA!–but a strange game. Herschel played hurt, Buck hardly completed any passes, and we still won because of defense and taking advantage of ND mistakes. I was there!–& would’ve loved to hear Munson calling the botched kickoff return.

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