1959 Auburn “with the clock staring him in the face…”
Ed Thilenius calls the GA-Auburn game, November 14, 1959, with the SEC Championship at stake.
1965 Alabama “Sanford Stadium has gone wild!”
No video replay in 1965! Too bad for the Bear, the play stands as called. VD announces his presence on the national scene.
1966 South Carolina 1st Munson highlight…
1966 South Carolina continued
1966 Auburn the first of Vince’s SEC Championships won on the Plains of Auburn
1968 Tennessee Dawgs’ first SEC game on turf; the glare of the sun off the synthetic stuff must’ve blinded the officials
1968 Houston comes Between the Hedges; two powerful offenses get into a titanic defensive struggle
1968 Auburn Vince picks up his second SEC Championship
1971 Tech great comeback on Thanksgiving night for Dooley’s #6-ranked Dawgs
1973 Tennessee big upset in Neyland; Munson thought Andy Johnson had faked a pitchout, he actually had a fumble bounce right back to him
1973 Auburn wins over WarTiglePlainsmen are good whenever you get ’em
1975 Florida “Gator Bowl rocking, stunned. The girders are bending…” Birth of the Junkyard Dogs.
1975 Tech sweet revenge on Thanksgiving night
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